Critical Illness Insurance

Having to go through a critical illness (without insurance) is a very physically and mentally destructive experience.  So much so that the afflicted person might not be able to necessarily cope with the inherent financial impact that comes out of the blue as a result.  Recent studies reveal a harsh reality. It is estimated that over a whopping 70,000 heart attacks happen in Canada on a yearly basis, along with a disheartening 3,075 new cases of cancer diagnoses each week. If you are caught unprepared, the consequences could be potentially dire. The aftermath is simply inconceivable.

We have the solution.  Our Critical Illness Insurance comes in handy for anyone struggling with a covered type of disease. You can opt for having this benefit as an add-on to your existing life insurance plan, but you can also opt for having them as standalone products. Most critical illness insurance beneficiaries, though, are attracted by the broader spectrum of coverage that the combined plans offer for enhanced peace of mind.

In essence, if you are diagnosed with a critical illness and are covered by a Critical Illness Insurance, you will be paid a lump cash sum following a 30-day waiting period, and will also be paid a percentage of the sum in advance prior to the entire defrayment.

Among the main diseases the policy covers are: cancer, heart attack, and stroke. Here at Life Insurance Pro Canada, we are able to provide you with leading life and/or Critical Illness Insurance. Please get in touch with us in order to receive an obligation-free quote. We look forward to doing helping you with your life insurance needs.

Don’t be caught unprepared! Receive your critical illness insurance free quote now!