Final Expense Insurance

The past decade has seen prices for funerals rise almost 80% in Canada, with the typical funeral costing the deceased’s family anywhere from $3000 to $15,000. With a casket alone costing between $1000 to $5000, a funeral can be a difficult but expensive time. With funeral insurance, you can provide one final gesture of goodwill and relieve your family the cost of your funeral. At Life Insurance Pro, we understand the burden of making complicated financial decisions during an emotional and sensitive time like this, so we offer plans to cover the cost placed on your family.

Although your life insurance policy may include burial insurance, sometimes it doesn’t. Your employer may also provide funeral insurance, but your employer-sponsored coverage may not cover the full expense of your burial. If you’re not sure, it’s worth checking if they provide protection as an employee benefit.

Having a funeral insurance policy can cover the funeral director’s costs, like burial fees, a hearse, embalming, and the organist. There are no medical checks required, just that your age is between 40-80. These small requirements make funeral insurance one of the most available types of insurance.

Funeral insurance is a cash-value insurance, which means your premium payments gain value over time, while the monthly fees do not increase. Your family may also opt to use some of your benefits to ensure that final estate taxes get paid and that any outstanding debts are settled, so to minimize any difficulty with finances.

Relieving your family of your last expenses could be one of the most thoughtful gifts you can give. Life Insurance Pro can offer the leading funeral insurance that is right for you. Give us a call or get your free quote to find out how we can make your last gift the best you could give.


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