Guaranteed Life Insurance

If only everything in life was guaranteed. Unfortunately, the world doesn’t work the way we would like. Sometimes we are blindsided by obstacles that can put a damper on our plans. That’s why we offer guaranteed life insurance at Life Insurance Pro. We believe that everyone should have access to life insurance, no matter what your situation.

Guaranteed life insurance is a type of no medical life insurance. This sort of policy is where a medical exam is not required to gain access to insurance, which can prove useful in some situations. For instance, someone who works in a dangerous environment or competes in extreme sports will most likely have trouble gaining acceptance for life insurance. This pressure can be disheartening for anyone looking to provide financial support for their family if they pass away.

With guaranteed life insurance, you cannot be turned down for any reason; it only requires a cheque and your signature. Not only is acceptance guaranteed, so are your premiums and coverage amount. Your premiums will always be the figure you are quoted and the tax-free lump sum paid out to your beneficiaries will always stay the same for the rest of your life. So even if your health changes, your insurance policy won’t.

Although guaranteed life insurance plans may be perfect for some people, some find them unnecessary. Simplified life insurance follows the same principle as guaranteed life insurance, but a few basic medical questions are asked to get a better picture of your health. This enables the provider to more accurately price your premiums, which may result in a lower cost for you.

If you have been struggling to get accepted for life insurance or think you’ll be turned down, talk to us at Life Insurance Pro. We can guarantee you life insurance so that you can put your mind at ease. Click to get a quote now or call us to talk to an adviser about your options.


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