Seniors Life Insurance

You have finally reached the honourable age of 50 or more. This period brings with it a lot of reminiscence of the time you reached the coming of age, and as many disquietudes in what concerns the rather uncertain future that awaits you and your family especially. After all, you have managed to provide for them until now, but what does the future hold?

Providing and ensuring for one’s family is what drives each one of us. Should premature death occur, your life insurance ensures that your loved ones are financially secure. There are many options available out there, tailored to each senior’s needs.

There are three main senior life insurance plans you can opt for, namely traditional, guaranteed and simplified. The main differences between the three plans mostly revolve around your health condition and current habits and are as follows:

On one hand, the traditional plan is usually recommended to seniors who believe they are in a good health condition, whereas, on the other hand, the simplified plans ask a few preliminary questions about your current health condition and habits, such as whether you smoke, do or practice any sports, what kind of food you usually eat, etc. The guaranteed plan treats everyone equally and does not ask any questions about your current or past habits, but you won’t benefit from the generous discounts the simplified plan offers to non-smokers, for example.

We constantly strive to offer our potential clients the best life insurance plans tailored to their specific needs. And, we put a lot of emphasis into making sure that they do not overpay for any plan they end up choosing. Don’t wait any longer, get a free, no-obligation quote today.


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